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Hurricane IAN - I passed 3 laundromats to get here!!!! (1) scrubbing bubbles - they were swamped and no washers available (2) High Tech - flooded and not open for business (3) Cape Coral Laundromat (they do not answer the phone and when I went there- last load at 430 pm for a 6pm closure ) - so I kept driving to Bright & Clean and was impressed . Owner had forwarded the calls BEFORE the storm hit so answered the phone . Kudos to Bright & Clean for having ability to not only do a VTM laundromat card BUT also have a CHANGE MACHINE bc Internet down after storm . The 2 ladies there were very helpful and I witnessed countertops being cleaned and floor mopped . There also have monitors for security . I will be returning . Place well managed . TP (RN that lives in the area )

- Tracey Perry

I like this place, its clean all the time

- Michael Koretzka

Really clean!!

- Vene Quiroz

Nice place very clean & it feels very much welcomed.

- Maria Martinez

I'm here now & this establishment is extremely clean & nice. I was nervous to come to a laundromat because I've always had a washer & dryer. My washer is currently broken at the moment so I had to go somewhere & I will definitely be coming back if I need to! The prices are not bad either & the machines accept debit & credit card as well which makes it extremely easy! They also have a coin machine & vending machine! Its also open 24 hours which is super convenient too!So this place is really awesome! & the machines wash really quickly as well

- Kristyna Overstreet

"My little ladies never been in a laundry mat..we needed to wash an extra heavy quilt and what better place than the local laundry mat"

- Melissa Hawkins

"Todo esta limpio y en perfectas condiciones todos los equipos."

- Yaima Lamy

"Nice clean great washers and dryers"

- John Caldwell

"Always open always clean"

- Sara Ball

"This is probably the best laundromat I have ever used. It is very clean, has good pricing, has a TV, wifi, and a very helpful and friendly lady to help you with everything. There’s even a bathroom. Washing machines are $3, $4 or $7.25 per load depending on the machine size. Dryers are $0.25 per 5 minutes."

- Trung Nguyen

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